Job Stories

Gym and Office in Carlisle, MA
Drew, a Carlisle homeowner, wanted to refinish his basement. He already had a semi finished basement, but wasn't too pleased with it. He was using the space as a home gym, but the ceiling was open, the floors had mold spots, and electrical was exposed. Drew was also experiencing water issues, and wanted to use materials that could withstand moisture. We started working with Drew to build his home gym and office space. Since our materials are designed specifically for basements, Drew doesn't have to worry about musty smells while he was working and working out. Now Drew has the space he needs to be productive in his home. 
Basement Bathroom and Family Room in Billerica, MA
Laurie had spent a good chunk of time online, investigating different basement finishing systems. She knew that her basement did occasionally see condensation and she worried that carpet and drywall might fail in the moist environment. Laurie found Total Basement Finishing, A Blackdog Affiliate, in her online search. She took the time to explore the finishing products and found herself really impressed. By the time Laurie reached out to us, she knew exactly what she wanted: a bathroom and family room that would stand up to moisture. We were only too happy to help! Laurie now has that family room and bathroom downstairs, and she didn't have to worry about adding an addition OR moving!
Taking Away the Ugly in Hudson, NH
Ping and Tong Ji called us with a simple request, they wanted their ugly basement to go away. When we met with the Hudson, NH couple, we were surprised, their basement wasn't finished, but it was spotlessly clean and well organized. The couple wanted to finish their basement to make it a more beautiful and welcoming space. There's something about exposed insulation that just doesn't make one feel comfortable and at ease. Ping and Tong Ji still wanted to use their basement for storage and organization, but they didn't want to dread walking downstairs. Now, the space is perfect for them. The walls are wipe able, the floor is easy to clean, and everything is resistant to mold and mildew. We were pleased to take all the ugly out of Ping and Tong Ji's basement! 
Scary to Cheerful in Melrose, MA
The C's basement was, like many basements we see, a bit scary. Their basement was cluttered with old Halloween decorations and various forgotten household items. The C’s were worried about finishing their basement, they’d seen water down there and they worried about potential water damage to a finished room. Total Basement Finishing products are DESIGNED for basements, meaning, they are designed to get wet, dry out, and resist mold and mildew. The C’s felt that with Total Basement Finishing, they could finish their basement, confident that their renovations would be secure. Check out their basement now!
Game Room / Family Room in North Reading, MA
Michael's basement was filled with clutter. He was using the square footage to store old children's toys, gaming systems, and various paperwork. He wanted to get organized, but also to find a good space for all the toys and games his kids accumulated. After considering his options, he decided that it might be easier and more cost effective to finish his basement than to move. He reached out to Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, with hopes of turning his cluttered space into a game room and family room. Now Michael's basement is clean, organized, and all those old toys are actually getting played with again! 
Barbershop in Lynnfield, MA
Linda, a Lynnfield homeowner, wanted to finish the basement in her older two family home. But linda didn't just want the extra space for storage, she wanted the space for her son to begin his barber business! Now that is an amazing and supportive mom! Linda reached out to Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, because she was familiar with Blackdog Builders. After learning more about Total Basement Finishing, Linda was thrilled to find basement finishing products that are mold resistant. Linda dreaded the mildew basement smell, and wanted her son to have a welcoming space to work. Now, Linda has that space for her son!
Getting It Done Fast in Newburyport, MA
Bridgett, a Newburyport homeowner, wanted to refinish her basement by adding a guest room, office, bathroom, and place for storage. One thing Bridgett asked us to keep in mind... she was pregnant! She wanted to make sure work was completed by the time baby was born. We were happy to accommodate Bridgett's schedule, but her baby was a few weeks early! Bridgett called us, letting us know, and we made sure we were done with everything before she got back from the hospital. Though we know many parents who've done it, construction with a newborn is never fun! We were so happy for Bridgett and her new baby, and thrilled that we could get everything done before they got home. Now Bridgett has a newly refinished basement guest room, so all her friends and family can stay and visit her baby!
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